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Enphase IQ 7+ Microinverter

Enphase IQ 7+ Microinverter

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Enphase IQ 7+ Microinverter

Enphase IQ7-60-2-INT

Easy to Install

  • Lightweight and simple
  • Faster installation with improved, lighter two-wire cabling

Productive and Reliable

  • Optimized for high powered 60-cell / 120-half-cell, 72-cell /144-half-cell * and 96-cell* modules
  • More than a million hours of testing
  • Class II double-insulated enclosure

Smart Grid Ready

  • Complies with advanced grid support, voltage and frequencyride-through requirements
  • Remotely updates to respond to changing grid requirements
  • Configurable for varying grid profiles

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