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VARTA element 12/S3 white

VARTA element 12/S3 white

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VARTA element 12/S3 white

For anyone who has fulfilled the dream of owning their own home and would like to add a sustainable and efficient energy supply solution, the VARTA element is just right – as a compact all-in solution with an attractive design.

This all-in- system with an integrated inverter is easy to install and offers top quality at an attractive price. Available in four performance classes (3.3 kWh/6.5 kWh/9.8 kWh/13.0 kWh,hereby the smaller VARTA element 3 and 6 models can also be expanded), this energy storage model is not only durable and safe but it also cuts a good figure. Its design-case is available in six trendy colors. A perfect match for every household.


The VARTA element features high-quality lithium-ion cells, which can be charged and discharged quickly without memory effect: ideal for high self-consumption needs and long-term economic efficiency.


  • All-in-system – integrated battery inverter
  • Plug & Play – easy and fast installation: 1 hour
  • Rapid speed of regulation
  • Maximum independence – increases the self-consumption of your PV system
  • In four different capacities – to suit your needs
  • 10 year warranty on the battery


Extend your VARTA element energy storage according to your needs! Our retrofit kit allows you to expand the capacity from 3 kWh or 6 kWh to a system capacity of 9 kWh. This is done by means of the integration of additional battery modules. When upgrading from 3 kWh to 9 kWh, two battery modules and one battery charger are integrated. When upgrading from 6 kWh to 9 kWh, only one module is installed.

  • Easy capacity expansion
  • Quick and easy installation of the retrofit kit
  • Adaptation of the energy storage to an increased capacity demand

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