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BYD Battery-Box LV Modul 3.5 kWh

BYD Battery-Box LV Modul 3.5 kWh

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BYD Battery-Box LV Modul 3,5 kWh is a 48V battery for all applications suitable for 1 and 3 phase systems with a flexible and modular design with no cables inside.

One Battey-Box LV contains up to 4 battery modul B-Plus L 3.5 in parallel connection and achieves capacities between 3.5 and 14.0 kWh (usable). By connecting up to 3 Battery-Box LV in parallel, the capacity can be chosen individually in 3.5 kWh steps from 3.5 kWh to a maximum of 42.0 kWh.

BYD Battery-Box LV Modul 3,5 kWh battery available to configure with SMA Sunny Island solar inverters.

Safe Battery Chemistry

B-Box is designed with LiFePO4 chemistry battery which has been widely recognized as one of the safest battery technologies. LiFePO4 chemistry features stable structures and its thermal runaway temperature is over 480°C. That’s 100% higher than NCM and NCA chemistry. It is designed for residential and commercial applications with absolute safety.

Railway and Automotive Standard Battery

As the world's largest Electric Vehicle manufacturer, BYD brings railway and automotive battery standards to residential and commercial solutions: B-Box. 6+ years’ track records of large scale applications in Electric Vehicles ensure its safety and reliability. All products have been certified according to international standards including TUV, UL and CE.

High Power Output

B-Box has the highest output power in industry, which brings the highest performance to customers. The system is able to reach C rate at max 1C and 2C at peak to support critical loads such as A/C and pumps, etc.

Easy Installation and Uninterruptible Maintenance

All B-Box systems have modular design featuring uninterruptible maintenance, and easy installation.

Flexible Extension Life Time

B-Box is equipped with modular design and smart BMS (Battery Management System), allowing extension throughout its lifetime.

Natural Cooling

B-Box is designed with natural cooling providing optimum efficiency.

10 Years Warranty

10 Years Warranty provides the best guarantee of operation.

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