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Easton SDM72D-M V2

Easton SDM72D-M V2

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Easton SDM72D-M V2

The SDM72 Series is a low cost three-phase multifunction 100A direct fed DIN rail mountedelectricity meter. It can measure and display the characteristic of 3p4w supplies, monitoring power (Watts), active (kWh)and reactive energy (Kvarh) imported or exported (Bi-directional). Energy is measured and displayed as Active (kWh) or Re-Active (kVarh). The SDM72 Series requires Mains Voltage inputs (live in and live out, neutral in and neutral out) in order to operate, it is self-supplied so does not require an external auxiliary supply. We have a range of options from a pulsed output version for cost savings and Modbus RTU combined with a pulsed output.