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Goodwe GW17KT-DT

Goodwe GW17KT-DT

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Goodwe GW17KT-DT

GoodWe SDT G2 Series 17-25KW ∣ Three Phase ∣ 2 MPPT

17-25KW ∣ Three Phase ∣ 2 MPPT

The GoodWe 17-25KW SDT G2 series inverter is especially designed for three-phase residential and small commercial projects. With its compact design, the SDT G2 inverter is 45% smaller than the first generation. The inverter is also light and easy to install. The max efficiency of this inverter is as high as 98.4%. With an advanced ventilation system, the inverter is able to dissipate heat efficiently. In addition, it can be customised with an integrated shiny LCD screen.

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