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Goodwe GW700-XS

Goodwe GW700-XS

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Goodwe GW700-XS

Goodwe XS Series 0.7~3KW Single Phase Single MPPT Inverter

The brand new XS model from GoodWe is an ultra-small residential solar inverter specifically designed to bring comfort and quiet operation as well as high efficiency to households. Its capacity ranges from 0.7kW to 3.0kW and its most outstanding characteristics are its light weight, which is 5.2kg, and its extremely small size, equivalent to an A4-sized piece of paper, which makes it particularly easy to carry & install. Remarkably, it offers a 30% of DC input oversizing and it’s able to achieve a maximum European efficiency of 97%. Conveniently, the communications options available on this inverter are both LAN & Wi-Fi.

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