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KACO blueplanet 33.0 NX3 M3

KACO blueplanet 33.0 NX3 M3

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KACO blueplanet 33.0 NX3 M3

Easy installation - endless possibilities

KACO blueplanet NX3 M3 multi-MPPT three phases solar PV inverters with perfect connectivity and high yields suitable from residential homes to commercial roofs. The models blueplanet 25.0 / 30.0 / 33.0 NX3 M3 are equipped with three MPP trackers and smooth the path to the grid for every conceivable non-homogenous array. These three inverters feed in their nominal power within a large DC voltage window of 150 to 1000 volts and continue to do so down to 125 volts. A key benefit of the device concept is the uniform handling of all the inverters: no matter if 3 kW or 33 kW – the same action implements the same functionality. There is no need to get into different inverter details despite the large number of models. Effortlessly they adapt to existing system designs, no long searches for compatible solutions.

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