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Sofar HYD 5KTL-3PH

Sofar HYD 5KTL-3PH

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Sofar HYD 5KTL-3PH Three-phase energy storage integrated inverter

Battery type:                                                                          Lithium-ion, Lead-acid
No. of battery input:                                                              1
Battery voltage range for full load (V):                                  200 – 800
Max. charging / discharging current (A):                               25
Peak charging / discharging current, duration (A, s):            40, 60
Charging strategy for battery:                                               Self-adaptation to BMS
Communication interfaces:                                                   CAN (RS485)
Dimension (mm):                                                                   571.4*515*264.1
Weight (kg):                                                                           33

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