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Victron EV Charging Station

Victron EV Charging Station

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Victron EV Charging Station


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  • High Power AC Charger -22 kW The maximum power the EV Charging Station can deliver is 22 kW in 3phase mode or 7.3 kW per phase. It also can be used in single phase installations.
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n for configuration and monitoring For the initial setup but also for monitoring, the internal Wi-Fi module can be configured in Access Point mode or Station mode.
  • Touch Screen 4.3-inch touch screen for monitoring and control.
  • Light Ring Fully programmable Light Ring around charging port, to fast determine the state of the device. It can be programmed on the web interface to display different light effects base on the current state (disconnected, charging, charged etc)
  • Automatic mode To ensure maximum PV system efficiency, the EV Charging station has an Automatic mode that detects when excess power is available, and use only that power to charge the vehicle
  • Manual mode Configurable output current 6-32A
  • Real-time data display options - Color Control GX or other GX devices: see the Venus documents on our website. - On the webpage of the device - On the VRM portal

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