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Victron Cerbo GX MK2

Victron Cerbo GX MK2

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Victron Cerbo GX MK2

BPP900451100 BPP900450110

Cerbo GX MK2 - what are the differences?

It's the same enclosure, and almost the same electronics; except for:

  • Two fully functional CAN bus ports, called VE.Can 1 and VE.Can 2. Instead of one VE.Can and one BMS-Can port.
  • VE.Can 1 is isolated. On previous models, there was no isolated canbus port.
  • RJ-45 sockets have been rotated 180 degrees, so its easier to take the cables out.
  • All three USB ports are fully functional. Instead of two functional and one for power (to a GX Touch) only.
  • Digital inputs can do pulse counting.

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