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Victron Lynx Smart BMS 500 (M8)

Victron Lynx Smart BMS 500 (M8)

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Victron Lynx Smart BMS 500 (M8)


The Lynx Smart BMS is a dedicated Battery Management System for Victron Lithium Battery Smart batteries available with a nominal voltage of 12.8V or 25.6V in various capacities. This is the safest of the mainstream lithium battery types. They can be connected in series, parallel and series/parallel so that a battery bank can be built for system voltages of 12V, 24V or 48V. Up to four 12.8V batteries or two 25.6V batteries can be connected in series. A total of 20 batteries can be connected, resulting in energy storage of up to 84kWh in a 12V system or up to 102kWh in a 24V and 48V system.

More information:

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