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Goodwe GW8K-BT

Goodwe GW8K-BT

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Goodwe GW8K-BT

Three Phase AC Retrofit Inverter (HV Battery)
5-10KW Three Phase, AC Retrofit High Voltage Battery

The BT series is a GoodWe retrofit AC-coupled solution, which can upgrade existing three-phase PV system to store energy ranges of 5KW, 6KW, 8KW & 10KW. This solution can modernize any three-phase PV system, providing the ability to store power or operate with the back-up of batteries, ensuring interactivity or grid independence. It is compatible with high voltage Li-Ion batteries ranging from 180 to 600V and it is also equipped with the UPS function. It can reach a high efficiency of up to 97.5%. It includes a Battery Input Reverse Polarity Protection as part of its set of protections and it also includes LAN as one of its communications options.

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