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LG ESS Home 10

LG ESS Home 10

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LG ESS Home 10

LG Energy Storage System

LG ESS Home 10 kW and LG ESS Home 8 kW

10-year Warranty & One-Stop Service

ESS can be combined with LG PV modules for a single provider for all warranty issues.

The Smartest Way to use Solar Energy

LG Electronics provides energy storage system to enhance self-consumption rate of photovoltaic systems. LG’s high power DC-coupled ESS converts energy more efficiently than AC-coupled ESS. Thus, LG ESS can achieve higher efficiency. Furthermore LG ESS generates the three-phase AC current producing the balanced grid power. Also emergency power to protect the customer’s home in the event of a sudden power outage. Above all the user-friendly EnerVu mobile application helps the easy system set-up.The web monitoring function also allows installers and users to check their system status anytime and anywhere.

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